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If you use JavaScript and need to automate your work, you’re missing out if you haven’t heard of zx.

Automate what can be automated

Let’s do this tedious thing manually, said no one ever. We all hate doing mind-numbing and repetitive work. Heck, even if we could do what needs to be done manually faster, we still look into automating it to avoid the repetitive work at all cost.

We don’t only automate things that are routine. Automation is a great way to eliminate human error. Unsurprisingly, many developers and dev leads advocate for having a fully integrated and automated test and deployment processes. …

Using Docker containers, you can simplify your development process. With the Docker Visual Studio Code extension, you can make it even easier!

Simplify your dev toolchain in Docker containers

Docker containers offer you a great opportunity to package your toolchain and its dependencies and easily distribute it among everyone in your team. With a preconfigured Docker image, you can cut your onboarding process from hours full of frustration to having people install Docker while drinking a cup of coffee and running a single command. And it’s not just about the distribution of the toolchain.

As you work on your app, your toolchain will keep evolving. Likely, over…

Here is how you can quickly convert multiple images to webp.

Improve your website performance with WebP

When blogging, I often use images to clarify what I’m writing. Whether it’s to show where things are in the UI, what you should be seeing if you’re following some steps I’m describing, or to help you navigate the article and skip to the relevant sections. I find pictures invaluable.

But pictures are also heavy. Sure, you can optimize them to some degree without losing too much quality, but if you use a lot of pictures, loading your pages will take a moment. …

Bring your app to Microsoft 365 and reach 250 million users in 3 steps.

Why should you build applications on Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, previously known as Office 365, is Microsoft’s productivity cloud, that organizations use for communication and collaboration. 250 million users work with Microsoft 365 creating files, sending emails, meeting, reading information stored in Microsoft 365, and more.

Microsoft 365 is also a highly extensible development platform. All the information about its users as well as the content they create is stored in Microsoft 365 and, bearing the necessary permissions, available for you to interact with, in your applications. And no matter if you have a…

With the Microsoft Graph Toolkit, you’ll be able to connect your app to Microsoft 365 in a matter of minutes. Here is how you’d do it.

250 million reasons to build on Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365, previously known as Office 365, is the productivity cloud from Microsoft used by 250 million people every day to collaborate and communicate. It’s also a highly extensible development platform. All the information about its users as well as the content they create is stored in Microsoft 365 and, bearing the necessary permissions, available for you to interact with in your applications.

Connect your app to Microsoft 365

There are a number of different types of apps you can…

With this new Microsoft Graph API you can move to Microsoft Teams and take your data with you!

Teams — it’s where we work

Since the beginning of this year, more and more organizations have been using Microsoft Teams to facilitate collaboration and communication. Teams is more than just a tool though, it’s a rich extensibility platform that you can use to integrate your applications and put them where people are. Not surprisingly, over the last months, the usage of Microsoft Teams increased significantly to 115 Million people using Teams every day.

Moving to Teams with your data

In the past months, it’s not only organizations who underwent digital transformation started using…

You might have heard of Microsoft Teams, Outlook or SharePoint. But did you know that next to being some of the most popular applications from Microsoft, they are a part of a highly extensible development platform with a rich partner ecosystem?

What is Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, Word, Excel, PowerPoint — you might have heard of them. All these applications are a part of Microsoft 365: Microsoft’s productivity cloud, previously known as Office 365, that organizations use for communication and collaboration.

There is no i in Teams, but there is me. Here is how you could build a Me-experience in Microsoft Teams to stay informed and easily track your work.

Microsoft Teams — the hub for collaboration

Microsoft Teams is the hub for collaboration. It’s where you meet your colleagues, where you exchange ideas and where you work together on files. It’s where you can open your organization’s applications without leaving the context of your work. It’s also where you meet your business partners.

Microsoft Teams focuses on teamwork. And using its extensibility capabilities, you can extend it to put your colleagues in the center and offer them…

It’s hard for tech folks to pitch ideas to management. But with these 5 tips, you might just succeed.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

You can have too many ideas

No organization in the world would admit that it doesn’t want to hear your ideas. Unless you’re like me and you come up with new ideas every day. That’s right. Every. Day. A new idea.

“Let’s do X”

Imagine, you propose an idea. Then another. And another. Maybe it’s something small like trying another framework or a build system by your team. Maybe you’ve read about some cool tool that you think your organization should use. Maybe you’ve read about a threat and suggested…

Don’t tell me what something is. I see it’s a table or a chart. Instead, tell me what it’s for. What problem is it solving? What good is it for me? What’s the benefit? Why should I care?

Recently I attended a presentation where the speaker would show their product. Screen by screen they’d explain what’s in there. The explanation felt very much like the alt text of an image: describing what I was already seeing. What I was actually interested in was what the product could do for me, how would it help me? Unfortunately, we never got to…

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