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Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft 365 @ Microsoft |


  • David Bernal Manero

    David Bernal Manero

    Team Leader and Project Director. SharePoint lover and hater since 2001, always looking for new solutions and applying them to get business value.

  • Laura Rogers

    Laura Rogers

    SharePoint consultant, author and speaker, Microsoft MVP, complete SharePoint and Office 365 geek. SharePoint and InfoPath books:

  • Mohan Divraniya

    Mohan Divraniya

    SharePoint developer at Cognizant. Like trekking, badminton, movies.

  • Dan Jay

    Dan Jay

  • iedaddy


    Computer geek, SharePoint guy and sometimes writer. I know GeekFu.

  • Adrian Lloyd

    Adrian Lloyd

    International Head of Alliances & Partners for Aprimo

  • arif refik senol

    arif refik senol

  • Renée Cormier

    Renée Cormier

    Follow me for inspiration, tips for better living, life lessons and more!

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